your brand, grand!

Support Greek Music

“Listen” to EDEM’s new logo by impressme – your brand grand!

A logo created to be noticed for its optimistic energy, representing EDEM’s project SUPPORT GREEK MUSIC, to aid and practically bind the creators’ copyright, during a deafeningly resonant period, caused by this unprecedented pandemic we are encountering.

Since June 2020, EDEM has been the official Organization of Corporate Copyright Management in Greece, with Louka Katseli as the General Manager and Phoebos Delivorias as the president of the board. This campaign, aiming to the artists’ substantial and practical support, will include important proposals such as setting up a support fund as well as a crowdfunding platform, which will be used as an ark of actions such as seminars, live streaming concerts, forums etc. Every action will communicate the same strong message: “SUPPORT  GREEK MUSIC”, repeated with passion and persistence.

After creating EDEM’s intensely colorful logo, adding a cheeky, fruity note, impressme’s highly experienced team proceeded to the SUPPORT GREEK MUSIC‘s fruit-shaped, record-like logo design, that never stops playing! Rarely does a logo transmit such musicality, for it has mainly been created to be heard and not just to be looked at!

Because, after all, music is not just a right, it is life; a life that we must all support with power, optimism and a lot of love, so that the record never stops playing.




Support Greek Music