your brand, grand!

Alexandra Chandris
I would love to thank you personally for the great job of impressme team concerning the redesign of the website of The Giving Tree Foundation. Due to our impeccable cooperation and the immediate, effective response of your team, we succeeded to achieve a really excellent result at a short time. Thank you again,
Alexandra Chandris - macoil international
Thalia Kaloida
Our cooperation with impressme has started as an answer to our company’ s need for a total repositioning regarding our corporate identity, from the creation of new packaging to social media and the creation of a new corporate website. Our relationship has developed ever since into a relationship of unparalleled trust. They proved to be reliable partners with real professional knowledge and experience but above all really warm people with passion for what they do and offer through their wonderful work. George and Helen have created a team of great dynamics in demanding projects, with tight schedules, and naturally, they react in a fast and real flexible way to any incidence may arise. Helen and George, we, Elviart’ s people, thank you for your flawless cooperation and your hard job! Thalia Kaloida – Head of Human Resources & Marketing Manager | Elviart
Anastasios Lostarakos
Impressme’s team is defined by its efficiency and high level of professionalism. Throughout the course of our co-operation, impressme were continuously living up to the ever-increasing expectations of a very competitive and dynamic market, that is the electricity market, always delivering in the timeframe upon which we had agreed. Without any doubt, impressme are the ideal collaborators for any company interested in its value, communication and in general its growth. Anastasios Lostarakos - Managing Director | NRG Trading House A.E.
Vaios Spyropoulos
We collaborated with impressme in order to renew our corporate identity and to create a new site. We felt excited not only by impressme’s excellent organization, its innovative ideas, and the fast response to our needs but also by the people who are the heart of the company. We consider these people as our friends now! Thank you very much! Vaios Spyropoulos MD Doctor Biopathologist- President & CEO | Iatriki Epivlepsi, medical diagnostic centers
George Mergos
I would like to thank all of the associates at impressme, but especially you (George) and Eleni, for your amazing cooperation and perfectly proficient support that you provided the workshop with. All of the participants had something good to say about your work. It was perfect technically, excellent professionally, substantial communicatively and aesthetically. Congratulations. We at MEDSEC thank you and hope that we will have the chance to work with you again. George Mergos - Professor, Department of Economics, University of Athens
Giannis Smaragdis
impressme and its team impressed us since the first moment with their creative ideas, responsibility and effectiveness. Thank you for the wonderful experience of cooperation. We wish you the best for your future! Giannis Smaragdis - Director of Films, former Chairman of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Eua Zygouri
Firstly we would like once again, both we and our partners in America to thank you for the amazing work that you have presented us. Everyone was really excited and very happy with our cooperation. I convey both from our partners in America but mainly from us, congratulations to your entire team for the quality of your work.
Thank you so much!Eua Zygouri- Marketing & Sales Director | Mani Foods S.A.
Arietta Chandris
Impressme's generosity and tireless hard work for The Giving Tree Foundation's charity website has been immense from the very first moment they embarked on this project with us. Everyone we worked with at impressme has been superbly creative, cooperative, honest and helpful from the onset. On behalf of all of us at The Giving Tree Foundation, we thank you for re-creating a dynamic and approachable website for us, and we thank you for taking on the hosting of both our website and emails. Moreover, we thank you for doing this all pro-bono. Your support for our cause is hugely valued, and we are looking forward to a long cooperation with you all. Arietta Chandris - Volunteer and Project Manager at The Giving Tree Foundation, registered charity #1158100, London, UK
Tasos Athanasopoulos
When you run a business, you come across many people who want to work with your company; less people who can, and even less people who can work with you in a manner appropriate to you. impressme, and the entire team behind George and Helen, succeeded - in a short space of time - through their professionalism, consistency, and highly emotive intellect and acumen, to grasp all the individual element of enerdia, and become our most reliable / trustworthy partner. We depend on impressme, not only for their creativity, but mainly we rely on their ability to think “outside the box”, especially during a time, where ingenuity is indeed the key driving force of corporate success. I believe that with this co-operation, that we have standing by our side, not only an ideal branding & marketing company but two very good friends, perfect companions in our corporate quest, and effective advisors for our communication activities and needs. Tasos Athanasopoulos-CEO, Partner enerdia
Michael Spanos
Since the first moment of our cooperation, Impressme impresses with its professionalism, consistency and creativity. In a particularly demanding field, like the one of Corporate Responsibility and sustainability, Impressme managed to respond beyond our expectations. Michael Spanos - Managing Partner | Global Sustain
Michalis Angelopoulos
I had the chance to co-operate with the impressme team during the preparation of the proposal of Samos’ candidacy for European Capital of Culture of 2021 and I felt totally satisfied. I was impressed by their professionalism, their efficiency and organizational skills and the quality of character of all their partners. I am looking forward for a new opportunity to co-operate with the impressme team and I wish they are always creative and imaginative.Michalis Angelopoulos - Mayor of Samos - Vice-President of the Chamber of Local Authorities of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe – Member, Executive Board, Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE).
Giannis Loverdos
I wasn’t aware of impressme - your brand grand. I don’t care about impersonal advertising companies. I was lucky enough to meet the people behind the company, George Daoularis and Eleni Papadopoulou. I was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism. I was even more surprised by their effectiveness. However, what overwhelmed me was their sense of humanity. Because what is it worth promoting a brand, a product, an elections candidate, if you do not possess the sensitivity to speak to the heart and mind of the people that you address. This is exactly what the people of impressme possess, who I hope consider me as a friend, after our short collaboration, as I do. For me, impressme - your brand grand is not just another advertising firm, it is the people behind it, that I’ve never met in any other advertising firm. And I’ve met many in my last 30 years as a professional. Giannis Loverdos - Journalist
Giorgis Massavetas
I would like to sincerely thank impressme-your brand grand for the excellent work they have done about my blog which is easily manageable for me and as informative as it should to its visitors. Giorgis Massavetas - Journalist - Author
Marina Papanastasiou
I would like to thank George Daoularis, Eleni Papadopoulou and the creative team of impressme, for the fruitful cooperation that we had during the organization of the first workshop of the Mediterranean Center for Food Security and Sustainable Growth (MED-SEC) in Athens, on May 20-22, 2015. Impress me, as a communications sponsor, perfectly supported the workshop, creating content of high quality. George as well as Eleni, stand out from the rest, especially for their professionalism, persistence, dedication to perfection and warmth. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart and I am sure that this first “co-existence” of ours will be just the beginning of many other future co-operations.Marina Papanastasiou- Executive Director of MEDSEC, Professor and Head of Department at Middlesex University Business School, London, United Kingdom
Ioanna Soulioti
George, Eleni and the reputable team of impressme - your brand grand, give the real meaning of responsibility, consistency and creativity to a collaboration. I would like to thank everyone for the great experience of cooperation I received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you to always be succesful. Ioanna Soulioti- Fashion Advisor - Radio Producer
Manos Vynichakis
From my first meeting with George and Helen at the impressme offices, I felt confident that I had found the right team to create my new site achieving the most fashionable look. Their professionalism, their love for what they do and their exceptionally talented creative team led to the creation of my online image.I'd like to thank the whole team for their seamless cooperation and a truly impeccable result! I feel certain that this is only the beginning of a prosperous long-term partnership. I regard as lucky people, not only those who choose impressme for its services, but also those who will have the opportunity to meet these wonderful people. Thank you! Manos Vynichakis- Make up Artist | Beauty Expert
Dimitris Lachnidakis
Greek Republic / Region of Crete / Municipality of Rethymnon:
"Dear Mr. Daoularis George, the success of our 1st ever organization of the «Nikiforeios Dromos» in April 2014, marks the establishment of a new term for Rethymno with multiple meanings for all of us, in the level of sports promotion as well as promoting the natural wealth and humanitarian potential of our Municipality’s settlements.The perfect cooperation and the selfless participation of all who contributed to this effort, shows once again the optimistic approach, that albeit the circumstances are difficult, volunteering and giving continue to flourish and provide our community with a sense of togetherness and a spirit of solidarity.Without a doubt, you belong to those who give status to this approach. The assistance you provided to this event, together with your creative team, greatly contributed to its success and reassured its continuation. We thank you and the team of impressme - your brand grand for the perfect cooperation and generous contribution, which, apart from the practical impact, also had an ethical dimension, the meaning of noble partnership, the co-creation and selfless giving to the community. We wish that your actions continue to inspire people for a better world and always bring you recognition, acceptance and appreciation from their receivers."Dimitris Lachnidakis- City Councillor at Rethymno City - Representative for Sports issues
Orestis Seimenis
They say that communication is the exchange of information and ideas among people. And public relations provide the means for communication. At Impressme Creative Communication, Elena and George, a matched couple, stand out for their experience and knowledge in matters of Marketing and Communications.
I was informed about George Daoularis and his work as well as Eleni Papadopoulou and her work. I met them through a good friend of mine, Zoe Koliou, an Economist with also great experience in communication. I found out by first hand their excellent work. They supported and helped ESKO in viewing the ideas and thoughts around our “ruined” Economic Chamber. They created radio spots, they photographed and videotaped our meetings.
With their organization they helped in our TV broadcasts, they published and covered all the activities of ESKO’s fellow candidates throughout the arduous duration of the election campaign. Quietly, effectively, with accuracy. I believe that the future is theirs. They will be well welcomed by the public because every time they’ll make a cooperation they will be gaining the praise and friendship of their partners and will surely become their best advertisers, like mine now. George and Helena, we thank you and your team for your help.Orestis Seimenis- Master Instructor at Athens University of Economics (Land and Property Taxes), Consultant on Income Tax and Tax avoidance for Greeks Abroad
Dimitris Isaris
Now I can express myself with the greatest words for the effort you made. We had the most significant advertising campaign from all Parties. Our logo, our political identity expressed our principles, inspired the team and stood us out in this difficult and challenging process of elections of the Economic Chamber of Greece. The support by Impressme to all our members was ceaseless. You were always there for our every action and event. I believe that the word “support” is too small. You were beside us and our primary weapon to our strategic juxtaposition was always your advice. Special reference to the excellent work you have done with the creation and management of our online image with the web site of the party as well as the special page of ESKO on facebook. Personally, I think you were one of the strongest weapons in our election race.
Honestly, I believe you were our right hand. We thank you by heart for all your efforts and for what you did for us.Dimitris Isaris- Economist - President at ESKO
Popi Strovolidi
To be honest, there had already been many suggestions from friends and colleagues. «They will create a website exactly the way you want it». That is what everyone reassured us for, so we were confident enough to arrange a first meeting with the team of impressme. However as we were heading to their office, a phrase that was quoted on one of my teenage years t-shirts came to my mind: «I don’t know what I want and I won’t be happy until I get it». It fitted me well at the time. I really didn’t have any propositions to make in my mind. But they did. After a targeted «interrogation» they did to us, they gave their own proposition and quite soon, step by step, they managed to make it reality having taken into account all of the parameters, subjective or objective. Responsibly and coordinated. Like professionals. When I saw the result of their work I decided that it fit our own aesthetics perfectly, the language they used as well as the image they used as tools. I want to congratulate them and thank them. Very much. Also something more I wish to say: If I had the valuable knowledge and experience of impressme - your brand grand and I was able to create my own website, this is how I would have created. Exactly like this.Popi Strovolidi- Communication Officer at Entexni Mousiki Sxoli
Symeon Koubanis
Since our first contact at Impressme Creative Communication’s offices, I felt like the patient in his doctor who knows how to listen, evaluate and give the right treatment. In the tight time reaction I had, the response to my clinic’s organization needs was immediate and exemplary. Thank you warmly for the design and the overall support of the image of my Clinic.Symeon Koubanis- Doctor - Orthopaedic Surgeon
Christos Moschos
Our area is a highly demanding area. We offer services to people who seek the best. The new reality in the market has formed conditions of exploding competition where the rules of organization and image can change even every day. The right placement obliges the search for partners that can meet the demanding environment and support us. Impressme Creative Communication has not only knowledge in what is characterized as “communication design”, but has also a real view of the market from personal experiences that carry both George and Eleni, each of them with their own distinct path. This experience of their, combined with their partners’ skills, make them valuable consultants for us in our needs.Christos Moschos- Businessman of focusing store
Thanos Hampesis
impressme and its team will surprise you from the very first meeting with their positive mood. After that, they will impress you with their consistency and love in everything they embrace. Cooperation with them is an experience of professionalism. With their design, they fully expressed what I was dreaming about the image of my book “Αιρετικοί Άγιοι ή Άνθρωποι;”. I consider the people who will choose them as their associates to be lucky and that the company’s upward trend at this time isn’t accidental. Well done!Thanos Hampesis- Writter
Adamantia Moutsina
When we cooperated with Impressme Creative Communication, as the Centre of Culture "Iolcos" to organize the honorary event dedicated to the great Greek director Giannis Smaragdis, with the parallel projection of the film KAVAFIS, four were the key-elements of our cooperation: mutual respect, innovative proposals, substantial support and positive results. When a collaboration includes these elements, success is granted.Adamantia Moutsina- ΠPresident of Centre of Culture "Iolcos" (2013)