your brand, grand!
Verbal Identity


A new brand needs the right name that will make it cherished and remembered. An easy, catchy name that will be given to its website as well (domain name). It is a given that copyrighting the name is on top of the priority list.

Nomenclature System

As the brand is given an identity, we also look for best possible names for it. During that process, we aim to find names that are easy to remember and fittingly give the essence of the character of the products and services our brand offers.

Brand Signature

Through the brand signature we aim to create a strong tagline and impression that convinces our target group for the quality and uniqueness of our products.

Communication Style

The style with which one addresses its targeted audience is an important aspect of our job. Be it humorous or serious, formal or informal, low profile or pompous, style is the key to reaching where it is intended.