your brand, grand!
Verbal Identity


With each new brand’s creation, we need to find the right name for it, for the brand to become widely known with and loved by the audience; an original, promising name, suitable for its overall identity. We study, suggest and design names, aiming to convey the content and character both of the services and the new sub-brands of each company in a comprehensive way. The same procedure will be followed for the identity of its online communication, for which the domain name must be registered as soon as possible.

Brand’s "Signature"

The brand’s signature, also known as a "slogan" or "tagline", aims to confidently highlight the brand’s strongest feature, adding a sense of personality to the name itself as well as a feeling of immediacy to the customer. This signature makes the product’s promise more understandable, emphasizing on its noticeable differences compared to competing products, while highlighting this one feature that the company can strongly support.

Communication’s style

The style of communication or the brand’s "language" is another important tool in communicating with the customers. Modern or classic, humorous or serious, everyday or formal, the brand’s style is a significant point with which the brand’s message can reach the target audience.