your brand, grand!

“Listen” to EDEM’s new logo by impressme – your brand grand!

A logo created to be noticed for its optimistic energy, representing EDEM’s project SUPPORT GREEK MUSIC, to aid and practically bind the creators’ copyright, during a deafeningly resonant period, caused by this unprecedented pandemic we are encountering.

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The impressme - your brand grand! team wishes you for this somewhat strange Christmas, and for the new year, which you are definitely looking forward to, to offer you all the goods with generosity! Health, optimism & a lot more unique moments with your loved ones! Not due to forced quarantine, but because you really feel closer! 

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COVID-19 suddenly came into our lives and brought us up and down.

The motto, worldwide, in all languages, is "Stay home!"

Every image of embrace, handshake, overcrowding, looks like too short a picture of an old, naive world.

Every image that we would just love to see some time before, like an enthusiastic audience at a concert, today is a picture that creates an almost instinctive feeling of disgust for the unacceptable exposure to imminent danger.
We keep our distances, stay at home, stay safe. This is our defence line.

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Partnerships have always been the A & Z of every job and will always be. Period.

Here we are not discussing the timeless value of good partnerships.

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What’s difference does it make if you are 30, 40, 50!

More and more, age is just a number, that it does not reflect one’s physical condition, the appearance and his/her way of life. It is said that we often feel 10 years younger at least than our real age.

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