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Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture is a very crucial aspect of branding. A monolithic, larger than life brand requires a handling which is different from the one that would be implemented for a looser and more down to earth name. The same goes for the sub-brands of a company. In any case, each brand must be treated in a unique way, taking in consideration all if the aspects needed in order for the product to gain its rightful market share.

Brand Positioning Research

What is the comparative advantage of a brand? (Unique Selling Proposition-USP)? What are the values it represents? What are the targets the client sets for it? What is its target group? These questions are answered through the conduct of a thorough market placement survey. The answers to these questions allow us to focus to the right places and place the product where it will perform best.

Brand’s Values and Goals

Α branded product should exude its value and beneficial properties. The marketer must be competent to communicate them, in order to build its image and, from there to set the goals to be accomplished in order for the product to acquire the personality and desired status that will follow it thereafter.

Market Research

The first action that we resort to for our clients is pinpointing where its product stand in the general market. We examine the market and scout it for competitors and from there we build an action plan in order to help our clients achieve their desired market share.