your brand, grand!
The new website of Elviart by impressme – your brand grand… is so fresh!

ELVIART KALOIDAS S.A. assigned the rebranding of its company to impressme – your brand grand. As an outcome of this delightful challenge we came up to a total refreshed and renewed www.elviart.gr.

Elviart’ s history and tradition in production of pita bread and pastry has started in 1952. Our aspiration for the new website was to unfold our long history, a journey that started 96 years ago, with an especially aesthetic way, to bring forward the contemporary course of the company in Greece and abroad, to put the traditional recipes on the table, today and every day.

Affording all essential tools, www.elviart.gr has been designed for being responsive, easy and functional in navigation.

The photo material leads through a visual tour with plain and clear lines, to a special trip of taste & smell with the scent of nostalgia.

The colors were chosen to be classic, so they would reflect the history and tradition of Elviart.  Also modern colors represent its fresh and tasty proposals on the plate.

The original recipes make the website more usable and they create engagement. The culinary everyday relationship between Elviart and its consumers is cultivated with unique meals, made with ingredients of high quality, extra dietary value and variety, with passion and love.

The soft and fluffy texture of pita bread seems so lifelike, that whets user’s appetite to learn more about Elviart and taste even more of its products.

With more than 55% share in the Greek market, Elviart supplies with its authentic pita bread dozens of countries. That’s why our new website “talks” fluently 7 languages.

The common vision of impressme – your brand grand and Elviart for a delightful new website came to reality, full of promises to offer a fulfilling experience with every click!

www.elviart.gr and enjoy your meal!