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The 4 seasons of advertisement

Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

The 4 seasons of the year have a natural effect on our mood, on our needs and desires.

During winter, we seek for warm moments, in the summertime we ask for freedom, in spring we need renewal, when autumn comes we like to organize ourselves and our lives from the scratch.

 The seasonal advertisement aims to predict our desires and prepare us for the next new season. It sustains a special kind of communication with its own unique key points:

Time to think, time to live.

Often enough, the consumer -that means every one of us! - lives the current season of life, while preparing oneself for the next one. Specifically, we are not going to trouble ourselves, for example, for our heat conditions at home, at the exact entering of wintertime, but usually when we say goodbye, till the next year, to the summertime.

The same truth applies to the advertisements of private coaching schools. Naturally, this kind of advertisements starts almost two months before the beginning of the classes, because this is when the parents and their children do their research.

New season? New communication!

There are brands or services, which are advertised, at a specific season, every year.

A slimming centre usually starts its communication in spring so as to target the natural need for a human being to be slim and beautiful during the summer.

As much as successful proved the advertisement for the slimming centre to be the previous year, it should be better for the brand's communication to create a new advertisement and if possible show it through a new medium… but let’s not reveal the next key point yet.

Same message, different medium.

In modern times, there are many channels of advertising media. TV, radio, press, folders and last but not least the social media. Let’s say that a brand has been projected on TV, wouldn’t it better now to choose a different medium, like radio, or a campaign on social media?

In that way, the brand will keep the elements of freshness and surprise and it will be able to draw the attention of more & different target groups.

We are referring to products, whose companies don’ t have a great budget at their disposal and they can’t communicate simultaneously by all the mediums needed.

Every season has its budget.

During the year, every product has its high and low season. Adjusting this truth, the right strategy applies the budget accordingly, ensuring a good season throughout the year for the product… and for the budget!

Not a good season for that!

Stating the obvious, we would not advertise furs during the summer, except we have had a challenging concept, such as: «You swelter to buy this fur!

Merry Christmas!

What a special advertising category! The Christmas advertisement, for any kind of product, means more than just an advertisement. It represents a wish, our dreams, the feelings of joy and love we feel during our shopping experience. The advertisements usually project warmth, sweet nostalgia, the need for sharing and happy surprises! We are not only consumers during Christmas, but people who care and hope for the best for ourselves and our loving ones.

The 4 seasons of the year represent changes, a different context of life, altering feelings.

What makes the seasonal advertisement so special is that it gets ahead of the circles of life and predicts our desires.

Like now! Just listening to the October wind, we are already fantasizing snow falling into the city and ourselves warm and happy, in front of a fireplace! Some people take it even further and start their shopping for Christmas! Stepping always ahead is part of our human nature.