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impressme - your brand grand does Iatriki Epivlepsi!

Whenever we refer to the Branding, we usually think of the corporate identity of a glamorous product or at least of a product in strictly commercial terms.

But the Branding is also useful for fields that offer services of high responsibility to the consumers, such as services of Health.

The Medical Branding has its own terms and colors. Imagine yourself sitting in a waiting room of a Medical Center. You have an appointment for medical exams. Feel your stressful thoughts, your possible feeling of anxiety at the moment.

What kind of features would you appreciate at the identity of the space?

Seriousness, Prestige, Peacefulness, Simplicity.

Certainly, you would love to feel the quiet power of the Medical Center, where you chose putting your trust.

We have had put ourselves in the same place when we undertook the Branding of “Iatriki Epivlepsi”, Medical Diagnostic Centers in Dafni and Vyrona.

We felt the anxiety of the customer-patient as well as the creative responsibility of the professional one.

We have redesigned the corporate identity of “Iatriki Epivlepsi” in a flawless collaboration with its President and Marketing Director, Mr. Vaio Spyropoulo. We applied the new identity to stationery systems, brochures, as well as to the inner and outer markings of the buildings of the Medical Diagnostic Centers.

At the same time, we designed and implemented the new site www.iepivlepsi.gr with simple, clean colors and modern design. The new site, which is already on air, has easy navigation for easy access to information, regarding the medical services of the Centers.

The new corporate identity of the Medical Diagnostic Centers “Iatriki Epivlepsi” radiates Seriousness, Prestige, Peacefulness, Simplicity, to make every person, who sits on the “hot” position of a waiting room, feel less anxiety, more certainty, and more trust.

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