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Mayfair Trade LTD

Mayfair Trade LTD

Corporate Identity Design, Logo / Office's Placemarks Design / Web Design and Development

Mayfair Trade, member of the Chandris Energy Group, operates in the brokerage field. The company assumes brokering on behalf of its clients, the list of which includes nrg maritime and Macoil. The company’s headquarters are based in both London and Athens.

In 2015, impressme - your brand grand assumed the corporate identity’s design and application in the company’s communication needs, stationery systems and office markings.

Three years later, in 2018, after updating Mayfair Trade’s corporate image, impressme created a new color identity for them, redesigning the company’s logo and mailing system.

Mayfair Trade’s new corporate image was applied to the web design and development of the corporate site (www.mayfairtrade.com). Our goal was for the quality of the company's services to also be reflected through its online presence.

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Mayfair Efarmoges Meeting Room
Mayfair Efarmoges Sinthesi
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