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Acoustic developers

Acoustic Developers

Corporate Identity Design, Logo / Stationery System, Mailing System Design / Website Design and Development

Acoustic Developers undertakes the design and construction of soundproofing projects in spaces of special requirements, such as hotels, shops, houses, offices and ships. Offering modern solutions of high aesthetics and using top sound insulation and anti-vibration materials of the latest technology, the company aims to reduce noise and re-echoing in each space.

The necessary interventions to deal with the transmission of sound from one space to another depend on the ways in which the sound seeps. No case, however, is unsolvable for Acoustic Developers.

Carefully "listening" to and thoroughly understanding the company’s needs, impressme created the corporate identity and proceeded to the creative design and implementation of its website, www.acousticdevelopers.com.

Our cooperation continues smoothly to this day.