Friends of Greek Culture

Friends of Greek Culture

Corporate Identity Design, Logo / Folder Design / Event Design (folder/invitation/rollup banners) / Participation - Speech in Event's Presentation

Friends of Greek Culture is a non-profit organization, established in November of 2016, by Ariadne Papaioannou as a president.

It aims to promote Greek Culture through cultural cooperation, projects and activities.

Impressme is one of the founding members of this organization. Our input has been designing FGC’s corporate identity. Through the designs we created we aim to merge past and present and give prominence to the continuity of Greek civilization. The acronyms used in the logo aim to give a globalized dimension to the initiative. The Greek font (ε) used for the letter underlines the fact that greek culture even in an internationalized form, retains its Greek identity. The design’s asymmetrical lines, bring in mind a curved worn out ancient coin, that, despite its time inflicted wounds, it still retains its immense value and richness. The letter F is a depiction of an ancient column crowned with a capstone. The color is light, modern, unequivocally classical Greek.

We also created all the communication material for the opening presentation event of Friends Greek Culture.