Promotion - Communication Design / Web Design and Development

The brand new corporate website of NANOS A.E.V.E. , www.nanosaeve.gr , was redesigned by impressme - your brand grand, with a creative approach which enhances the company's image, adopting distinct color combinations, bringing a modern expression and giving importance to the ease of use with modern technological infrastructure, showcasing the products and the actions of the company.

The new site is aimed at partners and consumers. It forms the informing portal of the company's 40 years experience with stable and excellent quality in the presence of its products, in the very demanding field of food industry.

Key tools in this direction was the modern creative design with simple and concise texts and certainly easy to understand and navigate. Also, through the new design, guests have access to a technologically advanced online environment. The structure chosen proves the company's philosophy to provide integrated solutions to all customer segments, while helping at the same time the visitor to learn the quality of NANOS A.E.V.E.

The overall design of the corporate site for online communication, as well as the design for magazine - newspaper of the NANOS A.E.V.E. by impressme - your brand grand, created a perfect modern and welcoming environment of communication which shows its dynamic and highly qualitative nature.