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Statiras Group

STATIRAS Group of Companies

Naming / Group's Brand Architecture / Corporate Identity Design / Corporate Brochure Design / Web Design and Development

The vision of the founders of Statiras Group was to create a group of companies. These companies will offer export services for Greek food products, real estate and tourism services, as well as trade in products for promotional activities.

By studying and creating the strategic positioning and architectural development of the group's image and the positioning of the companies, we also managed to define the group’s overall image.

After separating the companies according to their activities under a common concept, we came up with the name “Statiras Group”.

We designed the identity of both the group and the individual companies, applying it to communication needs, stationery system and website design & developing for the group of companies, www.statiras.gr. Finally, a thorough study and design for the signage of the office areas was carried out. We continue to this day with the group's communication strategy.