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The Giving Tree Foundation

The Giving Tree Foundation

Web Design and Development / Mascot Creation – Naming / Video Creation

The Giving Tree Foundation is an important provider of treatment and support for children with Autism. The Foundation provides financial aid to the children’s families, while also applying alternative methods of modifying the autistic behavior in its various spectrums, using the ABA treatment.

Having the Foundation’s people by our side, our creative team designed and implemented its new site. Using the happy colors and the symbols of carelessness and playfulness as our tools, with the required sensitivity and strength, we managed to reflect a world where "sometimes, superheroes are hidden in the bodies of special little children who give great battles".

While on the site’s new design process, we came up with the Foundation’s mascot, “Autree” to accompany the children in every happy event, but also in all of their special efforts.

Impressme’s family on its whole will continue to operate as a supporter for this unique partnership; because anything that is done for the good, and especially when it comes to children's lives, is a great and significant project.

Go to https://thegivingtreefoundation.co.uk/ to meet a world where children fight against "dragons & monsters" and win!


The Giving Tree Foundation Presents Autree