IATRIKI EPIVLEPSI - Medical Diagnostic Centers

IATRIKI EPIVLEPSI - Medical Diagnostic Centers

Corporate Identity Design / Stationery System / Offices' Placemarks Design / Reference Services Brochure Design / Medical Event Design / Website Design & Development / Advertorial / Digital Banners

IATRIKI EPIVLEPSI acts in healthcare services. In 2013, launched, in a private facility, the first integrated diagnostic center in the Municipality of Daphne. In 2018, proceeded to the creation of a second center in the Municipality of Vyrona.

impressme – your brand grand, after a research about the special field of Medical Services, undertook the upgrading of the center’s corporate identity. Impressme proceeded to a partial redesign of Iatriki Epivlepsi’s logo and applied it to an integrated stationery system.  Impressme also has redesigned the placemarks for the inner and outer side of every floor of the building. We have also redesigned and created a new image of the reference services brochures. At the same time, impressme has developed and implemented the new website: www.iepivlepsi.gr

Furthermore, due to the event about the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, impressme – your brand grand supported, as a communication sponsor, the seminar that Iatriki Epivlepsi held at Bouziani Museum. We have designed all the communication materials needed for the event (banners, posters, brochures for visitors).

Our creative partnership with Iatriki Epivlepsi has been an important challenge for us. Our target, to offer a communication advantage to a Medical Center, that acts in the especially demanding field of medical diagnosis, came true with success.

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Iatriki Epivlepsi Brochure
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