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Spanopoulos - Furniture

Spanopoulos - Furniture

Logo Design / Tagline Creation / Stationery System Design / Brochure Design / Website Redesign

Spanopoulos Furniture was established in 1986 by Kyriakos Spanopoulos. Following Stelios and Giannis Spanopoulos’ entries, the corporate headquarters was moved to a state-of-the-art privately owned space, where it is located to this day.

While the company’s original objective was the creation of both home and business use furniture, time and experience led its members to the decision of specializing in professional equipment only. The company’s unique creations, aesthetics and functionality still comprise an ideal proposal for a large number of important companies and stores in Greece and abroad.

We responded to this creative challenge with equal aesthetics value, creating both a minimal corporate logo and the "Shaping Poetry" tagline, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to the brand’s identity. We also designed the corporate stationery system and brochure according to an elegant geometry, which reflects both the company’s policy and products’ quality.

We finally proceeded with the company's website complete redesign (https://spanopoulos.furniture/), creating a user-friendly and interesting navigation in the modern world of Spanopoulos Furniture. Our collaboration continues to be architecturally built with solid materials and the best perspective possible.

3d Wall Logo Mockup 2
Stationary Mockup
Stationary Mockup 1
Shop Facade Logo Mockup
Simansi Mockup
Responsive Mockup
Brochure Cover
Brochure Saloni 1
Brochure Saloni 2
Brochure Saloni 3
Brochure Saloni 4
Composition Brochure
Composition Brochure
Brochure Backcover