Liogyros Grill

Liogyros Grill

Corporate Identity Design, Logo / Tagline / POP material / Strategy, Implementation and Management Social Media / Menu Brochures / Signage

When impressme - your brand grand took over the identity design and communication of Liogyros Grill, its target was to point out Liogyros Grill’s delicious menu proposals, its quality and taste. 

We have created the logo and the new tagline "To the point of grill!", store signage, pop materials, menu brochures.

At the same time, we designed a hot strategy and templates for the social media part of Liogyros Grill, which we have implemented and still continue to manage on a monthly basis.

Liogyros Grill is distinguished for the experience and love of the people who frame it as well as the quality of the ingredients in every dish.

So, we created an almost “edible” communication for Liogyros Grill, putting only its truth on the plate.

This collaboration has whetted our appetite for inspiration with even greater taste!


Stationery Mockup By Graphiccrew
Tote Bag Fabric Mockup Vol4
Tshirt Mockup Block
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Cup OptionB
Cup OptionC
Delivery Menu Mockup B
Delivery Menu Mockup
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