Coffee Three

Coffee Three

Corporate Identity Design, Logo / Tagline Creation / POP Material Design /  Interior Design Consult /  Social Media Strategy, Implementation and Management / Web Design / E-Shop Design & Implementation

CoffeeThree opened its doors to Egaleo, as a first coffee shop following by others in the future according to a franchising philosophy.

From the beginning, the project was an extremely superrealtimeproject and for that, it experienced unexpected success and followers before it even started!

But let's start with its story and then you will  understand, why we consider this project so great & “tsiou”!

A little bird sang to us the exclusive story about the three  little birds who were sitting and looking for a way to get out more often of their "cage" to  drink good coffee:

Bird 1: "My little bird, why don't we make our own café?"

Bird 2: "Tweet tweet, to take a sip & sing?"

Bird 3: “Tsiou, what a good idea! We are CoffeeThree! "

and left flying with such a joy!

Since then, all day and all night they prepared their new nest, in Egaleo, with unique suggestions of drinks & snacks, in order to offer  another air to the city!

And it is not only the whole corporate identity that we designed in impressme, throwing ideas in the air that "reached" the concept “high”, but also the interior design tips that we gave, that made the space fly, the strategy of social media that is so “tsiou” that we have created even a category #ti_petaxe_pali, not to mention the POPs materials like the unique messages on the glasses that ask every day "what coffee do you want, my little bird?"

Another project for Coffee Three, which is still in progress, is the web design and the technical implementation of the e-shop with the potential for orders.

Behind everything we have created,  with special humor and happy inspiration for Coffee Three, there is a wonderfully productive group of people, who give "A taste of eclectic" to our collaboration, according to the tagline we thought of for this particularly happy in its philosophy, brand.



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