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Coffee Three

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Unique products, direct communication and a carefree atmosphere: these were the success-bringing ingredients for Coffee Three and its inspirers, who managed to bring a new fad to the city of Egaleo. The project aimed to create a new city spot with exceptional tastes, beautiful people and positive energy.

Assuming the company’s branding, impressme applied modern, innovatory elements both to the interior and to the logo design processes, as well as to Coffee Three’s communication management approach. impressme’s creative team also came up with several ideas that were gladly accepted by the company’s three creators, always open to new opinions and proposals

Due to this given freedom, we managed to design a unique, minimalistic logo. Combining the simple lines and the carefully chosen shades of white and green, we managed to create some remarkable and eccentric patterns that can’t go unnoticed. These patterns do not only surround the interior of the actual coffee shops, but they’ve also been applied to Coffee Three’s both printed and cyber communication platforms

impressme also added a direct and spontaneous way of communication to the company’s social media, with a humorous and playful attitude. The tagline we came up with, “a taste of eclectic” is exactly what we wanted Coffee Three to radiate, both through its products and its design: distinctive tastes and ideas, with a combination of ingredients for a unique, unforgettable experience.


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