Giannis Loverdos
I wasn’t aware of impressme - your brand grand. I don’t care about impersonal advertising companies. I was lucky enough to meet the people behind the company, George Daoularis and Eleni Papadopoulou. I was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism. I was even more surprised by their effectiveness. However, what overwhelmed me was their sense of humanity. Because what is it worth promoting a brand, a product, an elections candidate, if you do not possess the sensitivity to speak to the heart and mind of the people that you address. This is exactly what the people of impressme possess, who I hope consider me as a friend, after our short collaboration, as I do. For me, impressme - your brand grand is not just another advertising firm, it is the people behind it, that I’ve never met in any other advertising firm. And I’ve met many in my last 30 years as a professional. Giannis Loverdos - Journalist