Orestis Seimenis
They say that communication is the exchange of information and ideas among people. And public relations provide the means for communication. At Impressme Creative Communication, Elena and George, a matched couple, stand out for their experience and knowledge in matters of Marketing and Communications.
I was informed about George Daoularis and his work as well as Eleni Papadopoulou and her work. I met them through a good friend of mine, Zoe Koliou, an Economist with also great experience in communication. I found out by first hand their excellent work. They supported and helped ESKO in viewing the ideas and thoughts around our “ruined” Economic Chamber. They created radio spots, they photographed and videotaped our meetings.
With their organization they helped in our TV broadcasts, they published and covered all the activities of ESKO’s fellow candidates throughout the arduous duration of the election campaign. Quietly, effectively, with accuracy. I believe that the future is theirs. They will be well welcomed by the public because every time they’ll make a cooperation they will be gaining the praise and friendship of their partners and will surely become their best advertisers, like mine now. George and Helena, we thank you and your team for your help.Orestis Seimenis- Master Instructor at Athens University of Economics (Land and Property Taxes), Consultant on Income Tax and Tax avoidance for Greeks Abroad