Dimitris Isaris
Now I can express myself with the greatest words for the effort you made. We had the most significant advertising campaign from all Parties. Our logo, our political identity expressed our principles, inspired the team and stood us out in this difficult and challenging process of elections of the Economic Chamber of Greece. The support by Impressme to all our members was ceaseless. You were always there for our every action and event. I believe that the word “support” is too small. You were beside us and our primary weapon to our strategic juxtaposition was always your advice. Special reference to the excellent work you have done with the creation and management of our online image with the web site of the party as well as the special page of ESKO on facebook. Personally, I think you were one of the strongest weapons in our election race.
Honestly, I believe you were our right hand. We thank you by heart for all your efforts and for what you did for us.Dimitris Isaris- Economist - President at ESKO