Tasos Athanasopoulos

In the business industry, many people want to collaborate with your company, but only a few of them actually can, and even fewer do it the way you want them to. However, impressme and George and Eleni’s creative team on its entirety, with professionalism, consistency and high emotional intelligence distinguishing them, managed to capture all of Enerdia’s distinctive features, becoming our most reliable partner. We entrust our needs to impressme, not only because of their creativity, but mainly because of their ability to think "out of the box", especially in today’s world, where resourcefulness is the driving force of success. I feel that, through this collaboration, we have not just found the ideal branding and marketing company, but two very good friends, too, ideal supporters of our efforts and strong consultants in all of our communication activities.

Tasos Athanasopoulos - CEO, Partner | enerdia