Tasos Athanasopoulos
When you run a business, you come across many people who want to work with your company; less people who can, and even less people who can work with you in a manner appropriate to you. impressme, and the entire team behind George and Helen, succeeded - in a short space of time - through their professionalism, consistency, and highly emotive intellect and acumen, to grasp all the individual element of enerdia, and become our most reliable / trustworthy partner. We depend on impressme, not only for their creativity, but mainly we rely on their ability to think “outside the box”, especially during a time, where ingenuity is indeed the key driving force of corporate success. I believe that with this co-operation, that we have standing by our side, not only an ideal branding & marketing company but two very good friends, perfect companions in our corporate quest, and effective advisors for our communication activities and needs. Tasos Athanasopoulos-CEO, Partner enerdia