Thalia Kaloida

The high need of our company for a total repositioning of our corporate identity, led us to cooperate with impressme, for the complete redesign of our packaging system as well as to upgrading our company’s social media image and recreating our corporate site. Our relationship with impressme has evolved into a trustworthy interactive communication pertaining to our dynamic presense in the first level of catering. Reliable collaborators with deep knowledge and experience, but most importantly, warm and amicable people with passion for their job always trying their best, Eleni and George have formed a high functioning team able to provide sustainable solutions on highly demanding projects meeting the given strict deadlines with great flexibility and convincing reasoning. All of us in Elviart would like to express our sincere thanks to Eleni and George for your superb collaboration and your inspiring work!

Thalia Kaloida – Head of Human Resources & Marketing Manager | Elviart