Mediterranean Center for Food Security and Sustainable Growth (MED-SEC)

Corporate Identity Redesign, Logo / Corporate Brochure, Stationery System, Mailing System Design / 1st workshop "Mediterranean Center for Food Security and Sustainable Growth" Brochure Design / Event / Website Redesign

The interdisciplinary research network has been founded by people with diverse experience and presence in international organizations, universities and scientific centers. MED-SEC's object is research, education and policy on food security and sustainable growth. Food security is defined by complex dimensions of supply and demand. An effective method for the treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach in the fields of research and education, the results of which will be able to support effectively in establishing a policy of sustainable solutions.

In this important scientific endeavor, impressme - your brand grand was chosen to support the network on issues related to communication.

We studied the unique particularities of the project and we proceeded to redesigning MED-SEC's identity, which was applied to mail system, digital channels, web site & social media and also designing and printing their brochure. In the first workshop “Mediterranean Center for Food Security and Sustainable Growth”, which was held in Athens in May 2015, at “Exelixi” center, the Piraeus Bank Sustainable Entrepreneurship Center, where among with the Bank of Greece and Middlesex University of London, impressme - your brand grand assisted in the conference entitled "Investment and Financing along the Agro Food Value Chain for Food Security and Sustainability" and proceeded in implementing printed and digital needs.