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Communication / Pοlitical Identity Design/ Special Digital Presentation Design / Website Design and Development / Social media Design and Management

E.S.K.O. (Unitary Coordinating Economists Movement) was created by renowned Economists and Tax Auditors, who, having as a vision the strengthening and consolidation of the role of the Economic Chamber of Greece, have merged and took part as a faction in the elections of December 15, 2013.

Impressme - your brand grand undertook the design of the party's logo while also implementing the design of the overall corporate communication strategy in printing, electronic and internet needs.

We created an in-depth presentation for use in speeches, interviews, TV and radio shows, as well as the radio and TV spot. We organized the party’s pre-election rallies, while designing and implementing its new corporate website, Facebook page and e-banner.

Through the interaction of the media, printing and electronic, we managed to promote to the maximum extent the positions and views of ESCO, its actions and events. We also offered, after daily research, useful information on the electoral process to Greek Economists both in Greece and abroad, who were entitled to participate in the electoral process.