Communication / Pοlitical Identity Design/ Special Digital Presentation Design / Website Design and Development / Social media Design and Management

E.S.K.O.is an economists and tax accountants group Union representatives, who participated in the Greek Economic Chamber elections of 15th December 2013.Their vision was to empower and strengthen the role of the Economic Chamber of Greece.

impressme - your brand grand designed the logo of the “political” group. It also came up with their communication strategy and made their agenda known through printed and web applications. impressme also created radio and tv spots as well as a presentation for use in public talks and tv and radio interviews.

In addition to the above, we organized all the election meetings and events. We designed and developed their website, their Facebook page and e-banners. Through the interaction of media, printed and web, we succeeded in projecting the positions of E.S.K.O. in the possible best way and getting their message heard and seen by all the Greek economists participating in the election process.