your brand, grand!

ELVIART is a company that holds 55% of the Greek market share and is an export force to be reckoned with which started in 1922, when the great-grandfather Vasilis Kaloidas opened the first pita bakery. The rest is history, smells tradition and art that we took seriously into consideration when our team was tasked with – amongst other things – redesigning the company’s brand identity and logo.

The process began by taking all the ingredients from the research our team and ELVIART had done.

In our mind, the friendly mustached baker, ELVIART’s trademark. A distinctive figure whose smile – that we don’t see but is always there- captures the love and craftsmanship for fluffy pitas, made from the purest ingredients.

A Logo is the symbol, the trademark of a company. Before one proceeds with logo design, they should become familiar and understand the philosophy and goals of the company. This is the fundamental objective.

A lot of articles have been written about what is important to take into account while creating a company logo.

Branding and colour

Colours give beauty to nature and to our lives. Their effect on us is much more important than we could ever possibly imagine. Their effect on our psychology, is immense in many aspects of our life. Each colour is unique and delivers different kind of messages (always in combination with each consumer’ s personal experiences and his/her feelings at the exact moment). To this effect, the power of colours must be thoroughly considered throughout a branding project.

What is the main difference between a product and a brand?

A brand is the product which radiates personality and values and has faithful consumers who become its best ambassador.

A product transforms into a brand through a procedure, which is called branding.

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